Sites for Teachers

Teachers!! Use these sites to plan your lessons and activities and also to enhance the resources from the Computer Skills Checklists. When you find a specific page that you want to use with your class in the lab, share it with the Media Tech Team. We will add it under your Grade Level in the Favorite Sites Page

                               Awesome Library                                     


Title I


                                                          What is Title I?

                                                        Title I Useful Links



                                                  Online Math Manipulatives
                                    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Sites that go with our Book Adoptions
Houghton Mifflin Math


Sites that go with our Book Adoptions
Social Studies

Sites that go with our Book Adoptions
Language Arts  
Sites that go with our Book Adoptions 
Read Write Think Interactive Materials

Floor Plans for Classrooms

                                  Great Resource Sites for Teachers

Have Fun Teaching

                                       Online Interactive Activities

                                  http://www.iknowthat.com/com - Need to create an account but it's free