Kindergarten Expectations

Our class will be using the “fuzzy” system.  Students will earn fuzzies throughout the week for good behavior (fuzzies can also be taken away).  At the end of the week, we will have “Fuzzy Friday,” where students can trade fuzzies for a trip to the prize box.  Students must have a set number of fuzzies to go the prize box.  If, after taking away fuzzies, inappropriate behavior continues, then appropriate consequences will be given.

As part of our school wide behavior plan, students will be earning Sailor tickets.  They can earn them from any staff member throughout the school as well as in the classroom.  When students turn in fuzzies for a prize, they will also receive tickets.  These tickets will accumulate throughout the 9 weeks.  Students who have enough tickets, based on the current goal, will get to attend the Sailor Celebration at the end of the quarter.